Centred to Exeter
Centred to Exeter
30 mile radius coverage for communication across Devon.
Mobile CB Radios
Mobile CB Radios
For communication in the car or at home, find the perfect CB Radio for you.

About The Site

For radio enthusiasts, for friends, for interested people; this website is for connecting and informing all those in Devon who are interested in becoming part of a CB Radio community.

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Foundation Information on CB Radios

Read these three pages to brush up on your knowledge

Laws and Regulations

This page covers everything from licenses to road laws. If unsure whether you can talk and drive or if you need permission from the government, check here.

Radio Terminology

Interested in finding out all the CB Radio jargon? Head over to this page to find out key phrases and words used by enthusiasts.

Types of CB Radios and antennae

Base stations, mobile radio and a selection of antennae, this page has it all. Find out which ones are right for you.

Radio and Installation Costs

The most fundamental piece of equipment you can have for this is the radio and microphone. But which ones should you get? Also, how do you install it yourself or hire someone to install it for you? These questions answered and more information on this page.